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The Time of Our Lives
Oliver Sears Gallery
Online exhibition 14 April  - 29 May 2020

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Sea_3-1-20- Nick Miller- Watercolour on paper-2020

The Sea 7-1-20 | Nick Miller | Watercolour on paper| 30 x 40 cm

The Time of Our Lives
The future can go and be 
bloody terrifying on its own 
for all I care. Me and my girl 
are stepping out for the past. 
We’re putting our best foot 
backwards, heading for home. 
What we'll do when we get there
we haven’t decided yet. 
For the time being at least 
we’re having the time of our lives 
all over again.
Hugo Williams

All Over again
Most mornings for the last few years, the nearby sea calls me from the comfort of my bed to swim alone. In the water I am free of the “bloody terrifying” future and the persistent past. The sea’s indifference to my fate offers a strange freedom, a universal encounter and a salve to the self, particularly in this time of extreme existential anxiety. Putting “my best foot backwards”, I attempt paintings to extend and hold this brief daily meeting with nature in my life. And then, like waves, “all over again’’.

Nick Miller

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