The Model, Sligo, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin, Chester Beaty Library & Museum , Dublin (2002)

In 2002 Nick Miller curated a visit to Ireland by Chinese artist Chen ZhongSen. Miller had come across his work and the artist while studying Tai Ji with Chungliang Al Huang in the USA: Miller was stunned by ZhongSen’s remarkable, almost superhuman Micro-carvings of Buddhist texts and poems made in meditation with eyes shut. Carved pieces, such as "Two Poems on a Hair" or "The Art of War" with 5000 Chinese characters carved onto Shou Shan stone measuring 33 x 70 cm, are almost beyond human comprehension. Chen ZhongSen is known as a ‘National Treasure’ in China, but largely unknown in the West. Miller travelled to meet him in Beijing and Fujian Province (2001) and subsequently arranged exhibitions in Ireland the following year. A joint show took place at The Model, Sligo (2002), ZhongSen showing both paintings, Micro Carvings and public performances alongside Miller’s large scale figurative watercolours from the INNOCENCE series. Other shows and performances around Ireland Included: the Rubicon Gallery Dublin and The Chester Beatty Library (2002), where "The Diamond Sutra" is now held with other of his micro-carvings in the CBL permanent collection, The donation was facilitated with the help of President Mary McAlese in 2002. More

Images from Chen ZhongSen and Nick MIller 2002 show
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Installation photos, RHA 2003 and Documentary Photpos, mobile studio
Chen + Miller : East -West

Installation photographs

The Model, Sligo (2002)

Documentary Images of Chen ZhongSen working- Chinan(2001) and Ireland (2002)
Chen ZhongSen: Documentary

Documentary images of Chen ZhongSen working, during the 2001 trip to Beijing and Fuijan Province, China. Additional images from ZhonSen’s 6 week visit to Ireland in 2002more

The Model, Sligo (2002)

My Image

A series of 40 experimental large scale watercolours (152 x 122 cm/ 5’ x 4’)They emerged as an adapted physical form of calligraphy during after an extended period of study of Tai Ji. Shown with Chen ZhongSen and also in 2003 in Figure to Ground at the RHA. See INNOCENCE

The Model, Sligo (2002)

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