Winter Sun: Artspace Gallery, London

WINTER SUN 29 November 2013 – 4 January 2014
Ann Dowker Derek Hyatt John Kiki Nick Miller

Artspace Gallery London
Michael Richardson Contemporary art
84 St. Peter's Street, London N1 8JS Tel: 020 7359 7002

Images of work

Art Space Gallery’s Winter Sun exhibition. Being the final exhibition of the year it has become traditional to use the event as a showcase for the work of artists who will feature in the following year’s programme. This year Ann Dowker, Derek Hyatt and John Kiki offer a foretaste of 2014 alongside guest artist Nick Miller.

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Summerhill 360˚

A recently installed commission at Summerhill College Sligo:
Summerhill 360˚, 2013. Oil on Aluminium composite 1.24m x 16.21 m (13 panels)

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Irish Times 27/5/13

An article on "Emerging Artists" at the Dock and "Selected Works" at the Hamilton Gallery
The Irish Times (PDF)
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Selected Works: 2nd May-1st June

To coincide with a show of  "Emerging Artists" curated by Alice Lyons that includes my late father's work Hilton Miller (1931-2012) at The DOCK in Carrick-on-Shannon (opening Friday 3rd May@ 7pm),  I am showing "Selected Works" at the Hamilton Gallery in Sligo, the first time I have shown the 'Truckscapes'  in their home county. (Opening a day before the Dock Show on Thursday on 2nd May at 6pm)

Hamilton Gallery
4 Castle Street

+353 71 9143686
[email protected]

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Emerging Artists: Hilton Miller

"Emerging Artists" … a new take on emerging!!!

At The Dock in Carrick on Shannon

My father, Hilton Miller (, was  a remarkable but hermetic painter who exhibited just once in 2011 before he died in 2012 after more than 40 years painting. Originally a theoretical mathematician his work was obsessed with colour relationships, and while it hangs on an armature of landscape painting, they are intense experiments with colour. In this show, Alice Lyons has curated a selection of his Irish and French landscapes alongside his intense colour diagrams and notations.

More images and information at Emerging Artists

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The Colours

The Colours (click to view)

Time-Lapse film by Nick Miller
Based on a poem "The Colours" by John F Deane
Music by Steve Wickham

Commissioned by
The Poetry Project where you can sign up to weekly poems/videos
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