Lapis Lazuli : Opens 21st May @ Hamilton Gallery Sligo

Lapis Lazuli :

Opening this Saturday 21 May 2022 at The
Hamilton Gallery Sligo, Lapis Lazuli with a whole bunch of artists celebrating Yeats day visual responses to his poem

Lapis lazuli’, written on 25th July 1936 by W. B. Yeats was published in his “Last Poems”. The poem was dedicated to Harry Clifton, who gave him with a Lapis carving on his 70th birthday. Intrigued Yeats uses the stone to meditate on the role of art in the face of the tragic world and war.

This pieces made last year, around this time of year when Sea Thrift blossoms on coastal rocks. The stone carving in the lower centre, on which this painting dwells in honour of WB, is Eight Drunken Immortals in a boat - Taoist Gods (a ship of wise fools).

When sea winds swept | 2021 | Nick Miller | Oil on linen | 127 x 107 cm.

WhenSeaWinds swept-2021w

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Old civilisations | 2021 | Nick Miller | Oil on linen | 31 x 26 cm


Doubtless plum or cherry-branch | 2022 | Nick Miller | Oil on linen | 46 x 41 cm