Parallax - | 4 Mason's Yard, London | 13th-23rd November


Parallax Nick Miller


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Oliver Sears Gallery delighted to participate in a new project opening at 4 Mason's Yard, St James, London SW1Y 6BU on the 30th October 2019.

Under the title REAR WINDOW, curator Brian Kennedy presents four separate, but thematically connected shows that address concerns within contemporary art, craft and design. These will run over eight weeks from 30th October to 20th December 2019.

REAR WINDOW is presented in partnership with: Brian Kennedy Curation, Taste Contemporary Geneva & Ting-Ying Hong Kong, Oliver Sears Gallery Dublin.

BEAU-LAID introduces the notion of beauty within work that might, on the surface, be perceived as ugly; PARALLAX invites us to consider artists’ varying viewpoints; FLORID presents us with old fashioned extravagances within contemporary art while REPEAT investigates meanings around repetition within abstraction.

Beau-Laid: 30
th October – 9th November
Parallax: 13
th November - 23rd November
Florid: 27
th November – 7th December
Repeat: 11
th December – 20th December






also represented in london by